The Fastest Way To Get and Respond To Retail Location Feedback.

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Why it works

SpotSurvey is the easiest and fastest way to get direct SMS based feedback from your customers and improve the customer experience. Take control, get the feedback and respond in the fastest way possible, before it gets on Yelp.

Easy to set up

Get setup with a keyword and survey in minutes. Receive instant alerts when feedback is received and take action on it through the fastest customer communication channel available – text messaging.

Eliminate bad Yelp reviews

Most customers don’t take surveys because they take too much time. But, they love to vent. We allow them to leave the feedback you need and allow you to respond, before it becomes negative comments on Yelp.

Get actionable feedback and analytics

Don't like reading comment cards? Spot survey collects and aggregates all the feedback in a way that's easy for you to understand.

How it works

It’s never been easier for customers to offer feedback in less than 60 seconds.

Receiving the survey

Your customer texts your keyword to 601-620-0006. They promptly receive a link to take the survey via text message on their mobile device. Alternatively, you can ask them to open Spts.me/yourcode link or scan a QR code.

Taking the survey

Your customer takes a quick survey and submits it in 60 seconds or less. We keep them short and simple, increasing the participation rate. No apps, device, or proxy software installations like unblocktunnel.org is required.

Getting results

All survey results are aggregated into a very clean, simple, easy to use analytics dashboard for you to read and you receive instant alerts when a comment is received. The days of reading through comment cards one by one is over.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is Spot Survey?

We’re a mobile based feedback tool for your retail business. Customers text a unique code to our number or visit a web link branded for your business and receive a survey that they can do on the spot in 60 seconds or less.

Why Spot Survey?

Do you value your time, better quality feedback, or repeat customers? Spot Survey is proven to help you discover important trends and insights from your customers while decreasing bad online reviews.

How much is it?

Packages start at $30 per month.
For questions email info@SpotSurvey.me.


How do I get started?

Simply go to the sign up page and create an account.

How do I get my customers to take the survey?

Put your unique code and our number visibly on the receipt, table tent, at the cash register or on an insert in the customer’s bill.
Drive more participation by adding an incentive, such as 10% off their next visit. This way you’ll get your customer to return and you’ll likely get more feedback.

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